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Water brings abundance

When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you reach for? Is it coffee? Your phone? Or a glass of water?

"Keep your glass half full. You can't pour from an empty glass."

Mornings are a time of spiritual practice. It is those who give all they have, and then some that know the importance of keeping their glass half full.

If you've ever experienced burnout, you know just how paralyzing it can feel to pour from an empty glass. As a high school #teacher and #realtor, I make sure to always have my glass half-full so I can give back to my community.

“Water brings abundance.”

We should always come back to this intention when we #hydrate and #cleanse.

My most creative downloads and inspiration come when surrounded by water - in the shower, on the beach, or drinking H20 from my hydro flask.

When we get into this mindset of abundance, opportunities are endless. Don't let them drift away.

Abundance Affirmations

I am #manifesting the perfect place for the perfect space.

#Abundance flows naturally to me.

I am worthy of what I desire.

I flow with ease through these changing tides.

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Stay HI, stay humble.


Aloha! I'm Jenna, your intuitive realtor, navigating you through these change in tides to your next space.

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