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"You're exactly where you're meant to be right now".

If you're seeing the number 2 repeatedly this is a message to slow down, pause, and enjoy how far you have come. When we have dreams and aspirations for our future, we tend to get down with negative thoughts making it hard to see all the blessings surrounding us.

Before we take the next step on the road ahead, we must begin with gratitude. As a school teacher for at-risk youth, we always begin class with five grateful things. Because my students are on their own unique path, it is my job to educate them on how to adapt and provide the necessary tools for success.

This humbling experience has shown me the importance of shining my very own unique light, showing up for myself and others unconditionally.

We all look up to the same moon, we're all connected.

Today, one year later after leaving my teaching job, which brought all the gratitude and abundance it could provide, I decided to dive into real estate full-time. I connected buyers with their dream home, helping them shift their mindset of "low inventory seller's market" to "it's already mine".

I helped my sellers and good friends move from their very first home back to their roots on the continent. We accepted an over-asking over and went straight into escrow on 2.2.22.

You're on the right path.

When we elevate our space, magic happens. We plant a seed and nurture it to grow.

It begins with a mindset. A thought, a belief. A dream becomes reality.

Let's talk more about how I can guide you to your next space.

Connect with me today!


Aloha! I'm Jenna, your intuitive realtor, navigating you through these change in tides to your next space.

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