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When we elevate our mind, we elevate our space.

"Yoga? Nah, not my cup of tea." Ever catch yourself saying this to your yogi friend who is trying to convince you to get on a yoga mat, after telling them all the things that are weighing you down?

I get it. I've been there. A serious multitasker myself, I have to constantly be moving to feel I am defining myself. Buddhi yoga was most definitely out of my comfort zone. It was the feeling of being #unstoppable that kept me coming back for more. And of course @buddhibae buddhi shakin' playlist.

That's what intrigued me the most about Buddhi.

It's LOUD, it's DYNAMIC, it's FAST - PACED, at times, you will have moments of stillness.

And I think that is the most beautiful part, is the balance of holding on and letting go.

And when the beads of sweat trip down your face, standing in tree pose, you know, you're alchemizing, you're transforming, your #detoxing

Like the ocean tides, we're in the flow.

So what is buddhi yoga?

Buddhi yoga is a #Kundalini based yoga practice that incorporates breath work and dynamic movement. We transform metaphysical energy while clearing our chakras, manifesting our highest selves and helping others do the same. It's based on this idea, like all great things, that a snake or serpent

rests at the bottom of our spine. When we clear our chakra system, the serpent is able to rise. Ascending. Connecting the earthly realm with our third eye. Making dreams our reality. When we #synchronize the energy becomes that much greater!


I guess you can call it "the bend and snap". We take it, we alchemize it, we give it back.

It's what #elevates you, transforms you. If you're looking to expand yourself, you're going to have to do the inner work first.

I told you, I'm keepn' it real with you.

Get excited! It's time to elevate Queen!

Synchronize with me. Bend and snap with me, transform your reality.

More buddhi shakin' inspiration links below:

Buddhi yoga / VXN classes with Veronica Gibson at

Buddhi mana with Maria at East Hawaii Buddhi

The beautiful Felicia at Buddhifool World

Check out the creator of Buddhi Yoga herself, the goddess, the warrior, Jen Liming.

Stay Hi, stay humble.


Aloha! I'm Jenna, your intuitive realtor, navigating you through these change in tides to your next space.

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